About Us

Anchor Bolt Capital was founded in July 2011 by Robert Polak, with the objective to be a world-class investment business focused on the global industrial and energy markets that will generate sustained, above average, risk-adjusted returns. 

An anchor bolt is a proprietary fastener required to attach objects or structures to concrete. Anchor bolts are extensively used on all types of industrial projects, from standard buildings to dams and nuclear power plants. No industrial structure can stand without anchor bolts.

The vision of Anchor Bolt Capital is to be a leading investment organization with the character, durability and integrity of a great industrial structure. We seek to achieve our objectives through a dedicated commitment to the ‘anchor bolts’ of our business:

These Anchor Bolts are our Values.

  • Attracting, developing and retaining the brightest talent

  • A value-oriented investment philosophy centered around bottom–up fundamental research

  • Process-oriented approach to model building that seeks to efficiently quantify a changing operating environment

  • Commitment to proactive value-added research

  • Maintaining best-in-class investment infrastructure

  • Consistent, effective team communication